Friday, May 17, 2013

Cardigan complete!

Whee, it's finished at last! And it fits, and the colour is fantastic. :)

I actually finished knitting it last month, shortly after writing this post, but I ordered buttons from overseas and they took a while to arrive. I also really dislike sewing on buttons (disproportionately to other finishing-off tasks - I quite like seaming for example), so procrastination also took its toll.

Anyway, here are the stats...

Pattern: Cria by Ysolda Teague (short-sleeved version),
Yarn: Little Wool Company 4-Ply in 'Lime', 1171 yards (1.3 skeins),
Buttons: vintage ones from this Etsy store.
Things I love about it:
  • the subtle contrast between the garter-stitch top and the rest of it (in stockinette)
  • these simple stitch patterns don't look too 'busy' with the variegated yarn
  • the little details that make it look polished, e.g. the tidy transitions between the garter-stitch front to the sleeve, and the slipped stitches which stop the button bands 'flipping'
  • the stealth pockets are seamless - only the top opening shows
  • the buttons are shaped a bit like wine gums :)
  • did I mention the colour? <3

The weather has cooled down a bit now with winter setting in, but being a warm-blooded creature I should still get to wear it for a little while. Time to get started on my next cardie, which will be a wintry one this time: a golden-brown Iðunn with dark-brown details. It should go a lot quicker, with the thicker yarn. We shall see!

Sunday, May 5, 2013

For your viewing pleasure

First, an excellent new documentary about Bach's life and music. Really interesting, and some lovely snippets of music. It's an hour and a half long! I'm in Bach-nerd heaven.

...And here's something completely different: for an old friend's wedding present, Chloe made a very tongue-in-cheek rap video. Willie helped out with some of the dancing and filming, and I did general gofering. It was pretty much the most hilarious experience ever.
Here's a link to the video: Ra's Wedding Rap