Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Local art

My new neighbourhood in Brunswick has a ton of neat street art, some of it witty, some just cool. All the photos below were taken on my block, on the way home from the Sydney Rd shops.

(click to enlarge)

Outside a gallery

Tucked in a corner

The heart is made of sequins, which flutter in the breeze :)

No street is complete without a giant robot!

Friday, September 13, 2013

The flowers of madness

Hey, long time no blog! I've been settling into our new flat, and learning (and eating) my way around the neighbourhood. I'll post some photos soon. :)

Our first few weeks at the new house were tragically internet-free - apparently there is high demand for new connections at the moment. It put a bit of a crimp on our activities! Willie couldn't access his work emails or files from home, and Chloe couldn't apply for jobs. It's amazing how many things we need the internet for now, especially when I remember that I didn't even use email until I started uni. Anyway, I'm very glad it's all sorted now!

Yarn Corner is in the midst of the final big push to get everything ready for the Royal Melbourne Show. They still needed some additional giant flowers for the 'botanical garden' themed side of the caravan-cosy, so I got stuck in and made a few while I recovered from the exertions of Moving Day.
Being internet-less, I had to rely on my old crochet stitch dictionary instead of downloading a pattern as I normally would.

The bright colours even blinded the camera ;)

I adapted some of the flower motifs in the book, both to make them bigger (they needed to be at least 20cm in diameter) and to maximise awesomeness. It involved a lot of trial and error!

Here's a shot of each one beside its starting-point in the book, laid out on the fake-grass in our new 'backyard':

'Star-flower motif' from 500 Motifs, Pattern Stitches, Techniques (1980)

'Canaries square'

'Spiral hexagon'

'Flamboyant flower'

I also finished my contribution for the Great Tea Cosy Swap (I've decided to keep my pavlova teacosy after all). This one's rainbow-striped, because I couldn't help myself. I hope I get something suitably mad back in return...