Friday, May 4, 2012

New pattern: Dyer's Delight

My newest scarf pattern, Dyer's Delight, is now available on Ravelry. I designed it in order to show off some really crazy-coloured mini skeins of yarn which I dyed in my kitchen using food colouring. I love playing with colours, and dip-dyeing yarn is easy and lots of fun. I've included instructions in the pattern for anyone who'd like to try it. Leftover yarn in variegated or semi-solid shades would also work really well with this pattern.

 I wanted to use the skeins all together without it looking too muddled, and this is what I came up with: each skein in its own column, with a textured chevron stitch pattern to vary the 'pooling' of the colours. The columns are linked with intarsia joins, so the scarf is knit in one piece from end to end.

Next up is something completely different - I'm designing a cosy cabled hat. It's starting to get chilly around here...


  1. Love this - can't believe I got to help do the dying, it was great fun!

  2. Told you dyeing is awesome! :)