Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Anticipation, trepidation

I'm off to Melbourne this Saturday, at last! I'm pretty excited, but I also have a few things I'm not exactly looking forward to. I don't like airports, for one, and I'm kind of a beginner at overseas travel. This will be my fourth trip overseas, ever. But Willie has been super-helpful and written a cheat-sheet for me, listing all the stages of the trip and what happens at the airports (immigration, customs, duty-free, etc). I've already packed and weighed my suitcase (and promptly unpacked my knitting again) - can you tell I'm nervous? ;)

But! I have all this cool stuff to look forward to:
  • Living in a fancy CBD apartment, with the whole city right there
  • Going to the opera on my second night in Melbourne! We've booked our tickets for L'Orfeo, which is being performed with period instruments. So excited!!
  • Going exploring, on foot and on public transport
  • Taking heaps of photos
  • Checking out the op-shops in Fitzroy, and plugging a few holes in what's left of my wardrobe
  • Going to the NGV art gallery and being able to take my time
  • Eating at interesting places
  • Finding out more about the choirs in Melbourne, and auditioning for a few (must get a keyboard/piano so I can practise)
  • Joining a local knitting group - Melbourne has "Stitch 'n' Bitch" groups in several suburbs
  • Signing up for a spot in a community garden near our apartment, and getting back into gardening
  • And last but not least, getting to hang out with Willie again. :)

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