Tuesday, October 9, 2012

A most successful weekend I

Now that I've (mostly) recovered from another very busy weekend, it's time to tell you all about it. :)

On Saturday Willie and I went on a clothes-hunting mission out to a suburb called Brunswick. First stop was the legendary jeans shop Dejour, where same-day alterations are included in the (very reasonable) price! This place didn't have a great range of sizes (I ended up wearing their largest women's size), but I managed to find a burgundy pair and a mustard pair that were a pretty good fit. The assistant drew chalk marks where the tweaks needed to be made, and we headed out for lunch.

Tucking into ham & pineapple pizza at Tre Espresso

After a tasty pizza at a cute bar/cafe, we wandered further down Sydney Rd and rummaged through the second-hand clothes at a vast op-shop called Savers. I found a long brown wool coat for $15, but alas, it has now been claimed by Willie. *shakes fist*

Brunswick has some neat architecture, especially if you look up!

We returned to Dejour and I tried on the altered jeans. The mustard pair needed one further tweak, and then I had two new pairs of really awesomely well-fitting jeans! In one fell swoop I have doubled my pants collection - not bad for an afternoon's work.

By the time we had caught the train back to our apartment we were pretty tired, so we had a nice relaxing remainder of our Saturday. We went for a swim, and then made pikelets for dinner, with jam and cream. Mmmm!

Catching the train back into town...


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    1. They are indeed! Still getting used to the feeling of something snug around my lower legs though. :p

  2. Good stuff Amy, nice photos too. I see all sorts of musical instruments behind you in the cafe.