Tuesday, February 12, 2013


I'm trying out something new: a crocheted blanket that will look cool through 3D glasses! I hope. :)

Crochet... In... Spaaaaaace!

After much drawing and pondering and tinkering with yarn, I've settled on a design that works, without being too complicated. I should have enough yarn to make a lap-blanket for the couch, with five of the large squares per side. When I lay the squares out in their grid formation (see below) and wear my 3D glasses, there's definitely a bit of 3D action happening. The centres of the small squares 'pop out' nicely.

I'm using Bendigo Woollen Mills' Classic 8ply, a basic crepe-style wool yarn. Once I'm further along with the blanket, I'll write up the pattern.

Two sizes of squares: 5" and 2.5". Yes, it's a tad fiddly...

The squares-so-far laid out in their grid

I've also been experimenting with making a sourdough 'starter' for baking bread. I got inspired by a mini article on sourdough in the extra curricular mag that Mum sent me for Christmas. I'm following the instructions on the Breadtopia website to make my starter, and it seems to be going ok as far as I can tell! Click on the pics to see the little bubbles (awww)...

The beginning: after mixing the first lot of flour with the pineapple juice

After 18 hours - a few bubbles already! I have named it Monster. :)

24 hours after adding the 2nd lot of flour and juice. More bubbles!

Tomorrow I'll be up to Step 3 (adding more flour and water). By the weekend, I should be able to try baking some bread. Go kitchen science!


  1. I'm expecting 3D explosions at least! :)

    1. We shall see! Actually I think the sourdough is more likely to explode... :p

      I remember my flour-and-water papier mache paste would sometimes go all bubbly after a few days. Now I know why.