Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Eeek, a steek!

It's finished! Yay! The honeycomb cardie and I survived the 'steeking' process:

All the finishing-off tasks took rather a long time. I had to crochet tightly up and down the front of the cardie to secure the edge stitches, cut (or 'steek') between my columns of crochet, add button-loops, attach ribbon to the inside edges to hide and protect the cut ends of the steek, and sew on the buttons...

Crocheting through both 'legs' of each stitch, beside the purl column

The inside, after crocheting (I crocheted through the floats too)


The cut edges after steeking

Sewing on the ribbon (in backstitch), with faithful 'helper'

My toggle buttons and button-loops

The ribbon was the most time-consuming part since I'm a slow hand-sewer, but it finished off the cardigan nicely and gives a good sturdy base for the buttons. I'm really happy with the fit, and it doesn't seem too itchy. :)

I'm off back to Melbourne tomorrow. I hope the trip will be relatively drama-free, so I can get cracking with moving preparations without needing to recover too much. Sunday is Moving Day!

I've had a great relaxing time over the last couple of weeks. Until next time...

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