Tuesday, October 21, 2014

New pattern: Paper Hearts

Introducing the second pattern in my 'Paper Hats' collection: Paper Hearts!

  • a ring of hearts, outlined with simple 2-stitch mini-cables
  • knit-purl texture within each heart, imitating woven paper
  • a cosy garter-stitch brim
  • both charted and written instructions
  • five sizes - for babies, kids, and adults

You will need 95-220 yards of 4ply/sock/fingering weight yarn, depending on the size you knit. I used Skeinz Merino Soft 4ply in Red. It's such a bright, pure red I had real trouble photographing it! The glow is quite something...

As you can see, the inspiration for this hat is woven paper hearts, which are a Christmas-time tradition in northern Europe. They make very cute ornaments - in fact, we still have a couple of ribbons-ful hanging from our ceiling from last Christmas! 

Here are a couple of tutorials, if you'd like to make some:
How to Make Woven Paper Hearts (includes a template)
Making Woven Paper Heart Baskets to Celebrate Santa Lucia Day

And here is a crochet pattern for woven hearts: Danish Heart by Allison Baker. I made a couple of them last December, in the midst of my decorating excitement. ;)

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