Monday, July 30, 2012


Items unearthed while packing for The Big Move:
  • A little black-and-white photo of my family's much-missed cat, officially named Mischief but universally known as Meece. The photo was inside a book I was putting in the 'to donate' box. Glad I flipped through it first! In the photo, Meece is jumping down from the window box which was my first gardening playground. I grew freesias, alpine strawberries, a miniature rose, and all sorts of things...


  • Handwritten recipes from my Form 1 'Manual' cooking class, and earlier. Cheese scones and other classics! One recipe was earnestly typed up on an old-school typewriter. :)
    No photos sorry, because they are packed for storage (unpacking a box again would be Not Helpful at this point).
  • Mum's renowned tomato chutney recipe. I hope I can get cheap tomatoes in Melbourne!
  • My MA thesis (eek) on rhetoric in Baroque-period instrumental music.
  • A test-swatch for the amazing mohair stars-and-planets jersey that Mum made for me in the 80s. The jersey itself still fits (yay for oversized 80s styles), but is awaiting repairs after a run-in with dastardly moths at my old house.

No doubt there will be more treasures to come as we make more progress!

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