Sunday, January 27, 2013

Tree cosies

Spotted on the way home from the art gallery today: a forest of rainbow trees!
I've seen a lot of tree cosies around in Wellington and elsewhere, but this crop is especially well done. Obviously a lot of skill and effort went into them, and I love that they're all different...

 According to the little tags pinned to the cosies, they're the work of an international yarn-bombing group called Yarn Corner. Naturally, I looked them up when I got home and joined. Time to dust off my crochet hook! 


  1. Hi! So I'm in Ohope at the mo and took my degree into Jos's for framing and we were chatting and you came up and then it turns out I have a friend (Neurula) who loves your designs on Ravelry - small world! Just wanted to say Hi :P

    1. Hi to you too! I recognise Neurula's name from Ravelry. It is a small world! :) Even here in Melbourne I keep running into people whose parents live in Whakatane, or who grew up in Opotiki...